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Atlanta Percussion Trio

Atlanta Percussion Trio

Welcome to a world of music and adventure! The Atlanta Percussion Trio has been performing for audiences for the past twenty-six years. The group is comprised of three of Atlanta’s finest professional musician with a total more than eight decades of music making between them. The group provides upbeat, high-energy programs to entertain and educate students about the world of percussion sounds. Each of their programs is fast-paced and highly participatory as well as being structured to reinforce other areas of the students’ curricula.

The APT is equally comfortable with elementary, middle, high school age or adult audiences. From the ancient sounds of Australia and Africa to the recycled sounds of the “kitchen samba” to the modern sounds of the steel drum and electronics, the APT will cover the gamut of “sound opportunities.” This web page will give you an overview of the Atlanta Percussion Trio performances that are available. The APT can also create a performance with a specific theme, just for you. We hope to see you soon!


Music Samples
Guatemala South Africa Thailand
Trinidad West Africa  


Available Educational Programs by the Atlanta Percussion Trio

World Beat Planet Percussion
Environmental Beat Our American Music Heritage
International Sampler Sound Lab
Holidays in Steel Music of the Americas
Panorama of Steel Global Beat

Middle School Curriculum Connections ***New for 2007-2008***

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